What They Do

Phlair pioneers a groundbreaking low energy electrochemical process for producing strong acids and bases with significantly reduced energy consumption and environmental impact. By leveraging widely available commodity components and innovative cell designs, Phlair ensures scalability, durability and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing the chemical building blocks of engineered carbon removal.

Why It Matters

Electrochemical Direct Air Capture often presents tough choices: energy efficiency or scalability, low Opex or low Capex. We think Phlair has the potential to deliver all of the above, thanks to their use of proven hardware, ability to operate at a wide range of current densities and inherent tolerance for intermittent energy supply. Their solutions also have several applications in point source capture, promising to maximise their carbon impact and broaden their revenue model as they grow.

Malte, (CEO, right), Paul, (CTO, centre) and Steffen (CSO, left) from Phlair with their end-to-end DAC / CCS demonstrator unit in Munich.