What we look for

Counteract aims to break down the barriers to carbon removal at scale. Our fund invests in all CO2-removing initiatives, with 4 key criteria in mind:

Catalytic potential for planetary scale through systems change, accelerated by our support, with line of sight to delivering or enabling 0.5Gt of CO2e by 2050.

Diverse solutions that add something and impactful to the carbon removal space.

Self-sustaining ideas that scale at the accelerating pace of demand with a viable long-term business model.

Responsible, regenerative pathways. We won’t allow carbon removal to excuse avoidable emissions and we prize other environmental and social benefits.

Note that we don’t currently invest in project development, later stage or decarbonisation efforts outside CO2 and other greenhouse gas removal.

How we invest

Pre-seed and seed stage

We're here to help the earliest stage companies with typical first tickets of $250k - $1m

Everywhere in the world

Because we only have one atmosphere, we're excited to back founders worldwide.

AIl CDR pathways

But only CDR! Every lever will be needed so we invest across the spectrum of novel and conventional solutions. We don't invest in broader decarbonisation or emissions avoidance offsets.

Recent investments

Meet some our our latest investments