What They Do

Fugu is DAC designed for the renewable energy era. Their novel heat transfer system allows for lower operating temperatures and smooth integration with intermittent energy resources, while their abundant solid-sorbent paves the way to meaningful immediate CO2 removals.

Why It Matters

Until now, we’ve challenged solid sorbent DAC platforms in four key areas:

  • How to prevent heat and pressure losses that add up to a costly energy footprint?

  • How do you work with intermittent renewable energy supplies?

  • How to manage the high cost of sorbents that need topping up or replacing?

  • How can you drive economies of scale by just adding more identical modules?

Fugu’s technology offers convincing answers to all four - and results in a system with low capex and operating costs with responsible resource utilisation. Combined with a team that knows how to bring technology to grid-scale, we knew this was a business we had to support.

Luke (CEO, right) and Mac (COO, left) and furry friend.