Chloris Geospatial

What They Do

Chloris weighs trees from space. They are the only company that calculates changing carbon dynamics in all woody vegetation globally, from specific sites up to entire regions or states. Chloris is combining millions of observations from LiDAR with their proprietary ML&AI model, to measure every 30 m and 10m square on the planet. Chloris can estimate how much biomass is in vegetation on each piece of land, measure its change over time, and how it has evolved over the last 20 years. The data, with superior accuracy and precision, can be leveraged to hold carbon offsets to account.

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Why It Matters

Carbon credits generated by aboveground biomass (such as forests and shrub) are one of the most widely adopted methods for offsetting carbon through nature-based solutions, but challenges in verifying the change in carbon over time, the additionality, and the leakage of these credits has led to widespread mistrust in their quality. In fact, these issues are largely targeted at avoided deforestation credits. We view emerging high quality, durable carbon removal credits as an opportunity to improve accounting standards and trust that one carbon removal credit equals one less tonne of CO₂ in the atmosphere. With Chloris, we now not only have a more precise way to measure what’s happening on the ground, but also higher confidence in how the forests are changing and the additionality of our efforts. With their sole focus being measurement, reporting and verification (MRV), and a team of world-class forest data scientists, Chloris can act as independent arbitrators of the voluntary carbon market.

The Chloris Team