What They Do

BX provides a platform that consolidates and tracks data from farmers to grocery retailers and to food and beverage brands - enabling farmers to be rewarded for the positive climate impacts that come from changes they make to their agricultural methods. Food retailers and brands have struggled to track the impact of changes to practices within their supply chains and growers have been unable to track, monitor, and communicate their impactful practices to their end customers. BX solves this problem.

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Why It Matters

Agriculture is a sector expected to transform both as a solution to and in response to climate change, not least because it contributes to over 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As the industry looks towards different practices (such as regenerative farming), the risk that farmers get left behind without sufficient support is real - changing agricultural practices takes time, effort and money, and every farm is different.With the help of data, we’re improving our understanding of how to farm to build soil health, reduce agricultural inputs whilst maintaining yields. However, financing the transitions to sustainable farming remains a barrier. BX builds critical datasets that help demonstrate improvements in soil carbon and farm health, while providing the frameworks and monetization methods necessary for this massive industry transition.