What They Do

Agricarbon streamlines soil sampling, providing a high confidence, cheap way to measure carbon stocks in soils. With their patented extraction, which takes 1m deep soil cores, and automated testing protocol that measures organic carbon and bulk density (fundamental for accurate organic carbon measures), Agricarbon are developing the largest soil sample dataset at lab-standard accuracy but lower costs. These data are pivotal in refining soil carbon models and bring more clarity to what’s happening to carbon below our feet.

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Why It Matters

Our soils could provide a low tech, low cost solution to mitigate climate change. Changing land management can improve soil health, reduce reliance on agrochemicals and increase the carbon sequestering capacity of soils, altogether improving soils’ resilience to changing climate. However, measuring soil properly is challenging - soils are heterogeneous and the numerous measurements and depth of sampling required results in high costs. Agricarbon’s approach helps lower these high costs associated with lab-quality soil carbon measurements and helps build a dataset that is key to showing our new practices are working.